Goodrich Canine Therapy

providing holistic help for your pawsome pooch

A bit about me

I have been in love with dogs from a very young age and used to love visiting my mother's cousins who had an Irish Red Setter, a Poodle and several generations of Golden Retrievers.

At the age of 22, I was finally able to have a dog of my own and have owned Labradors ever since. I currently have a black Labrador, Millie, 2               ex-racehorses and a dedicated hunting expert - Smudge the cat who all live at home on the family farm.  

As a dog lover and dog owner, I know how important it is for our pawsome friends to be able to move freely and correctly and to feel comfortable and calm both at home and away. 

Both of my Labradors have suffered with severe hip dysplasia and that is how my interest in doggy massage came about as my own "magic hip massages" that I had been giving to my dog regularly, had proved really beneficial over the years and so I wanted to find out more. 

I qualified as a Canine Merishia Massage Therapist in 2017 and handpicked other therapies to learn which would complement massage and enable me to provide a wide range of therapies to tailor each therapy session to suit the needs of each individual dog. I also realised that our dogs are often just as stressed as we are and that was another reason for selecting the therapies I use, as they all help to promote emotional relaxation and wellbeing just as much as they address the obvious physical issues. It is often the case that physical problems can be attributed to tightness and tension caused by anxiety and stress. 

Following a cancer diagnosis in 2009, I personally benefited from several alternative therapies, including reiki, which helped my recovery enormously both physically and emotionally. To this day, I continue to regularly practice reiki on myself, as well as my clients, as an aid to dealing with the stresses of modern life.

Prior to qualifying as an holistic therapist, I qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and alongside my therapy work I also work as an agricultural property solicitor.

Training and Qualifications 

  • Canine Merishia Massage (Rose Therapies & Training);
  • 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki (Rose Holistic Therapies & Training);
  • Energy Healing for Full Body Realignment and Psoas Release (Lucy Yeomans Therapy);
  • Theory and Application of the Fascial Edge Tool for the Animal Practitioner (Rose Holistic Therapies         Training);
  • Animal Acu-Point Therapy Part 1 (Lucy Yeomans Therapy & Rose Holistic Therapies & Training);
  • Introduction to Integrating Muscle Testing in Animal Therapies (Rose Holistic Therapies & Training);
  • Theory and practical elements of Canine Rehabilitation and Strengthening (Liz Tyrell Asprey & Rose         Holistic Therapies & Training)
  • Theory, Research Evidence and Practical Application of Phototherapy and Thermography for the               Animal Practitioner (Rose Holistic Therapies & Training);
  • Telepathic Animal Communication (Alex Butler & Rose Holistic Therapies & Training);
  • Animal Healing & Communication (Lorraine Tricksey);
  • Animal Psychology (Holly and Hugo);
  • The Five Elements and Aromatherapy (Alan Howell, Shechina);
  • Herbal Energetics and Scientific Principles (Rachael Maxwell & Rose Holisitc Therapies & Training)

Ongoing Training
  • Herbal Choices using the science of Applied Zoopharmacognosy – student (Rose Holistic Therapies         Training);
  • Master Herbalist Diploma (Centre of Excellence);
  • Aniroma Canine Aromatherapy Diploma (Animal Magic Training)