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Communication and Distance Healing

Animal Communication

Animal communication for distance sessions involves working from a photograph or photographs. These distance healing sessions are available worldwide and can be just as effective as sessions in person. 

These sessions incorporate reiki, energy healing techniques and animal communication for dogs anywhere in the world and those dogs who are too poorly or sensitive to be around.

For some dogs this is a much easier and less pressurised environment in which to communicate. As owners are often nervously waiting for some information or a certain result and so can often, albeit unintentionally, be quite tense which makes it hard for the dog to relax and open up.

Animal communication can be very effective in helping to ease tension or worries in your dog’s mind and can be used to help resolve any issues and to find out what your dog feels he needs to improve his wellbeing.

Your dog may transmit vibrations, emotions, thoughts or pictures to share information about how he is feeling. This can be helpful when trying to address the root cause of a problem or to provide information on any changes in lifestyle etc.

It may be that I connect with your dog in 1 whole session or over 2 or 3 shorter sessions, please note that I will always be guided by your dog’s needs. I find that anxious and rescue dogs tend to prefer regular shorter sessions and this seems to be really beneficial for them.

After the session, I will follow up my findings by email.

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